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Booking Terms & Conditions

By accessing, browsing, using and/or completing a reservation through our (mobile) website you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.
Secret Iceland reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement or to change, modify or otherwise alter any feature of the Service and/or the Site at any time in its sole discretion. Changes to this Agreement may be communicated to you by making the revised Agreement available for your review on the Service and/or the Site. Please review the Terms and Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. The date that these terms were last modified can be found at the end of this agreement. The seller holds all information from the buyer in relation to the purchase as confidential. Under no circumstances will information be handed to a third party.
Secret Iceland reserves the right to cancel the tour or alter routes, itineraries or timetables should the necessity arise, including irregularities due to adverse weather or road conditions. Minimum number of passengers may apply.  If minimum number of passengers are not met on the day of your tour, Secret Iceland reserves the right to cancel the tour. you will be given the option to reschedule to the next available day or receive a full refund . No responsibility is taken for losses or expenses due to delay or changes of weather or other unforeseeable causes. Secret Iceland is not responsible for expenses and/or other related costs due to factors outside of its control, such as flight delays, changes and or cancellations, injuries, accidents, sickness, weather, war, natural disasters etc. and/or other unforeseeable matters. Secret Iceland acts in good faith and cannot be held responsible for defaults or delays of such as individual agencies, hotels, other tour operators, airlines, guides, restaurants or any other person or company‘s act.
The estimated duration of tours as indicated on our website are standard times and can vary according to road or weather conditions or other unforeseen matters outside the companies control. You are responsible for providing Secret Iceland with the correct contact information and related details so that we can keep you informed in the event of changes made to the services booked. Entrance fees, drinks, food or other refreshments, are not included in the tours unless otherwise specifically agreed.

1. Prices

Please note that all prices for the services provided by Secret Iceland are in the company’s local currency, Icelandic Krona (ISK). Prices are in Icelandic Krona (ISK) as shown on our website. Prices are guaranteed after full payment has been made.  As a local day tour provider Secret Iceland can not be responsible for currency fluctuations and or additional fees outside its control that may be applied such as bank transfer fees, credit card fees and etc.  All prices on the website are including VAT and invoices are issued with VAT.

2. Special offers & Promotional codes

Please note that special offers such as promotional codes cannot be applied to a reservation after purchase has been made such as in the form of a refund. When offered, promotional codes and/or other special offers, must be entered into the relevant field located on the payment page upon check out at the time of booking in order to be valid and applied.

3. Pick-up & Drop-off Services

Secret Iceland offers pick-up and drop-off services for most of its tours. Please read the tour description very carefully to see if pick-up and drop-off services are included in the price, can be added as an extras or the activity in question only offers the option of meeting us on location.
You, as the traveller, are responsible for your pick-up, this includes providing Secret Iceland with your pick up location in time as well as being ready at the correct time for the pick-up for your tour. Secret Iceland will provide you with information about your pick up time on your voucher which is provided upon booking. Please note that missing the pick-up does not entitle you to a refund of the price paid for the services. You are responsible to be ready for pick up at the assigned pick up point from the start of the pick up time in order to not miss our guides when they arrive to pick you up.

4. Travel insurance

As with any and all world travel, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel a travel insurance policy in your home country that covers your cost should you have to cancel your travel reservation with short notice. These kind of travel insurances are not expensive and frequently cover other risks. Having travel insurances is always a good idea when travelling around the world. Safety is our #1 priority. While our highly trained and experienced guides do their very best to ensure that everyone on tour with us has a safe and fun experience, there is still a very low possibility that an accident can occur that may require medical attention.   All volcanic and geothermal areas, caves, glaciers, lava, mountains and other outdoor trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. No responsibility is accepted for losses or expenses due to delays, changes of flights or other services, as well as because of strikes, accidents, sickness, damage, negligence, weather, war, changes in schedules, or other similar causes. Clients takes full responsibility for their physical fitness and take full responsibility for evaluating their ability to take the trip and/or walk during the trip.  Secret Iceland does not take any responsibility for accidents or sickness that occur to its customers when hiking in nature on the company’s trips.  Therefore, we advise that all of our clients have insurance. Do not assume responsibility for accidents or death that can be traced to the participant´s negligence, acts of third parties or exterior circumstances such as weather, natural occurrences, war or other similar causes.

5. Icelandic weather and conditions

Please note that in the spring, tracks and mountain roads may be closed during the period of thaw. Please keep in mind that Iceland is close to the Arctic Circle.
The weather changes fast on our northern island and with it conditions change, especially in the highlands. Our guides are specially trained to deal with changing conditions and their number one priority is to make decisions with your safety in mind. Please respect your guide’s authority to do so.  All volcanic and geothermal areas, caves, glaciers, lava, mountains and other outdoor trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants.  Clients takes full responsibility for their physical fitness and take full responsibility for evaluating their ability to take the trip and/or walk during the trip.   Secret Iceland cannot be held responsible for the weather changing and can’t guarantee a good view or sight even though the tour is operated. There is no refund if a tour is taken and the weather or mountain sight is not as good as you hoped for. 

Secret Iceland cancellation policy

Cancellation of a booked Lakagigar trip on the Secret Iceland website

For your convenience, we now only accept payment on arrival.  Book now and pay on site before the tour starts. Credit card information is not required when booking.  We accept VISA and MASTERCARD as well as cash (ISK)   No worries about refund if you have to cancel your tour.

We know that travel plans can change so we are also flexible with any amendments like changing date if we have avalability and changing the meeting place if needed.  We kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible if there is any change to your travel plans

Cancellation of Lakagigar tour purchased from another vendor 

More than 24 hours’ notice : Full refund
Less than 24 hours’ notice : No refund
For tours purchased through another vendor please reach out to the vendor directly with your refund and/or cancellation request.
We at Secret Iceland understand that sometimes changing of plan is necessary with short notice. Secret Iceland will amend your booking should the necessity arise for no extra cost. We like to be flexible and will try our best to reschedule to another date you choose subject to availability.
Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 24 hours before a scheduled tour. This gives us the opportunity to fill the seat. You must cancel by sending email to the vendor you purchased you ticked for your cancellation request and your booking number in subject line. If you have to cancel your tour within 24 hours, we offer you a credit to your account, but do not offer refunds.
You may cancel your tour up to 24 hours before the tour begins and receive a full refund. If cancellation is made less than a day of your tour you will receive a credit to reschedule at a later date. Credit must be used within the end of the season same year of the tour date. Season ends 15th September for summer tours and 31st March for winter tours.
No show means 100% cancellation fee without a credit to reschedule at a later date.
All communications relating to these terms and conditions (in particular any requests to cancel or amend your tour arrangements) must be from the lead traveller of each reservation. Once delivered the amendment and/or cancellation needs to be confirmed by Secret Iceland before further action can be taken. If reimbursement is in order, then it shall be made in accordance with all procedures and processed as quickly as possible, and the stipulated amount will be transferred to the same credit card that was used upon booking. Please note that we can not be responsible for delays of the delivery of the reimbursement to your account once it has been processed on our end.
For tours purchased through another vendor please reach out to the vendor directly with your refund and/or cancellation request.
All complaints must reach Secret Iceland in writing or with email within 5 days of the tour end date/time, otherwise possible compensation is not valid. You must cancel by sending email to with your cancellation request and your booking number in subject line. If you have to cancel your tour within 24 hours, we offer you a credit to your account, but do not offer refunds.
For tours purchased through another vendor please reach out to the vendor directly with your refund and/or cancellation request.
All cancellation fees held by Secret Iceland are only intended to cover our direct cost of amending and/or cancelling your reservation.
As we start to incur costs from the time the contract is confirmed we will apply cancellation charges as shown below from the time when written notification of the cancellation is received:

No show without any notice by email before the tour start time means 100% cancellation fee without a credit to reschedule at a later date.

Force Majeure

Defined as an unforeseeable circumstance that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract beyond the reasonable control of a party. Secret Iceland reserves the right to suspend or terminate the performance of its obligations when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible.

These unforeseeable circumstances include (but not limited to) the following:
War, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, lightning, rock slide, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, pandemics, epidemics, other public health concerns, international travel restrictions, terrorism, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, and acts of state or governmental action prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations under the contract.

In the event of Force Majeure this clause will supersede all other cancellation policies, when appropriate. With that said, Secret Iceland will always endeavour to rearrange, reschedule or change your booking whenever possible.

We again, advise that all travellers take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers Force Majeure and all other eventualities for international travel.

Terms modified and updated 14. January 2023 

Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy carefully so that you fully understand how we will treat your personal data when you use our website and online booking facility. We assure you that we will only use your personal data as specified below, and only for legitimate business reasons.
What personal data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it

  • Name, ID number, address, phone number and nationality
  • Travel period
  • Combination of the travel group


When we are legally obliged to disclose data, we will do so. Secret Iceland retains and uses your personal data to provide you with the best service and to keep you informed of special offers that we think will interest you. We may use the data to process any transactions you authorise with us and for internal administration and analysis. We will not sell, rent, or trade your data to third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent.
We may use the information gathered to identify the most popular pages and other areas on our website to evaluate the effectiveness of our promotional activities. We also use this information to perform statistical analyses of collective characteristics and behavior, so we can measure overall visitor demographics and interests regarding our website

How long we keep your personal data
Booking information: 7 years from date of travel
Payment information: 7 years from date of travel
Service surveys: 2 years

Cookie Policy
These cookies were originally supposed to make the web run faster. A web page could install a cookie with your preferences and load faster when you visited again, remember what language you want and so forth. We use these cookies, and you can choose to disable them if you want.

Secret Iceland has created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to our customers’ privacy. This policy is based on the Icelandic Act no. 90/2018 on the protection of privacy as regards to the processing of personal data (“Data Protection Legislation”).


Secret Iceland collects all personal data directly from you, through our website and our communication with you (email, chat, or phone calls).
The data collected is used to process the sale, fulfil your order, and provide you with the service you expect. We may need to process a variety of personal data such as:
All credit card transactions on are always verified and safeguarded. All credit card information is encrypted, making the purchasing process secure.
Customer contact information is used to contact the customer when necessary. In addition, personal data may be used on the ground of our legitimate interests, e.g., to send out customer surveys or for other types of direct marketing.

Financial information is used to invoice the customer for products and services.
Secret Iceland may need to disclose your personal data to third parties, such as guides, contractors, consultants, and other suppliers in relation with your reservation with us.
Secret Iceland collects non-personally identifiable information, such as the number of times various pages within our website are contacted, the number assigned to your computer, and the type of browser you use, for the purposes of monitoring, analysing, and improving our information programs.
Secret Iceland keeps your personal data only for as long as it is necessary based on the purpose for which it was originally collected.
You can relax when making a booking through All financial information is always verified and safeguarded.

Cookies are little morsels of information that are created when you visit our site, or any website for that matter.
But why are you constantly seeing cookie policy notifications? And what do they have to do with privacy policy?

Well, not all cookies are created equal and for years websites have been installing cookies that monitor what you browse and are interested in. They then either forward this information about you to a third party or use it themselves through a third-party platform like Google or Facebook.
For instance, Secret Iceland uses Google Analytics to analyse the traffic through our site. We also use Google Ads and that data is used to advertise to people we think might be interested in our services. You can of course opt-out of this, and we completely understand. We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted social media, advertising, and analytics partners. You have the right to give and withdraw your consent to this at any time.
Our cookies are meant to be productive and beneficial to everyone. We analyse where the traffic comes from, what our visitors are interested in, how they behave on our website and, if they are interested, we offer them our services. We do not gather more data and we do not try to link your data to other personal data to identify you. The data you choose to entrust to us is safe and we will not use it in any way that is not disclosed in this policy.

Secret Iceland reserves the right to review this policy in accordance with changes to applicable legislation or regulations or in relation to changes in the company’s processing of personal data.


The company’s contact information:

Fjölverk ehf – Secret Iceland
Suðurengi 7 800 Selfoss
tel: +354-6601151